Nothing More, Nothing Less, Oh How i Crave Nothing!

Thanks to @Shelle_owns_me, i discovered Domina Shelle’s Nothing More, Nothing Less recording. Domina’s description of the file had me hooked before the recording finished downloading. A file about nothing? That seems exactly what i have been searching for. i absolutely love it when Domina Shelle plays around in my mind to Her delight. One of … Read more

Subconscious Surrender Physically Arouses me

my subconscious belongs to my Domina. These words have echoed within my head so much the last couple of days. It does not matter whether Domina Shelle’s newest file, Subconscious Surrender, is actively running through my headphones or not. On the surface Subconscious Surrender seems like a begin file. However, something magical is lying in … Read more

Blissfully Altered

It’s been a bit difficult overcoming the shame of letting this blog languish; particularly the trance journal. Hopefully, this post works towards correcting some of that. Despite my quietness, i’m still very much a slave owned by Domina Shelle Rivers. i wish W/we had more personal interactions as they tend to inflame my passion and … Read more

Denied Is Purrfect 😻

*purr* Where should i start with Denied, Domina Shelle’s latest recording? If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that i find chastity quite compelling. The desire to surrender my ability to orgasm to a sweet, caring dominant woman is one of if not the main thing that drew me … Read more

Please Domina Shelle Take my Mind

i simply cannot get enough of Domina Shelle’s Altered State of Mind recording. @slave_to_Shelle recommended it to me 24h ago. my play count is already up to 5 not counting letting it loop through the night. i try to be a patient slave girl. After all, i could still be considered a newbie with less … Read more

Blissfully High on Domina Shelle

i’m in deep awe, joy, bliss, [insert fav adjective here]. i just woke up from a series of Domina Shelle’s recordings: The Sleeping Forest 3 -> Chastity Training 1 -> Trance-Fusion. my mind is literally buzzing / high on the pleasure of loving and serving my wonderful Queen. Domina Shelle has referred to Her voice … Read more

my First Time

Somehow we are already nearing the end of April. Time sure seems to fly by when the allure of The Sleeping Forest distracts you from posting. Last week, i was blessed with a short phone call with Domina Shelle. She surprised me by ending the call with a challenge to edge myself before Her three … Read more